Welcome to the 9th Augmented Human International Conference, AH2018!

The 9th Augmented Human International Conference(AH2018) will be held at Hoam Faculty House, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea during Feb. 7 (Wednesday) to Feb. 9 (Friday), 2018. As part of AH2018, there will be some social events held on, such as winter Olympic in Pyeongchang or cultural experience in Seoul.


Main Theme

Augmented Experience (AX)

Though AX sounds like a futuristic concept, it’s already around us. We are living in an era where computing and related technologies are leveraged to create a new DigiLog experience. So AX is expected to be a way to expand or enhance user experience by applying it to daily activities. We hope that AH2018 will be a place to discuss the future direction of Augmented Experience.