Special Interest Group on Augmented Human

Special Interest Group on Augmented Human(SIGAH) is a research group for computer science under the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers. We aim to avoid the exclusion of humanity due to the technological center value and to improve the human ability. Primarily, we are focusing on researching and developing technologies such as augmented reality and the Internet of things in an aspect of Human Augmentation.  We carry out the following research activities centering on the human enhancement forum opening every quarter.

Major activities

  • Theoretical Framework and Academic Research on Augmented Human
  • Strengthening Augmented Human research
  • Identification of trends and trends of human-related academia and industry in domestic and overseas, and the establishment of an international network
  • Identification and development direction of technology that can connect with strengthening human
  • Activation of exchange for interdisciplinary fusion research such as psychology, sociology
  • Provide training and seminars on potential enhancing human researchers