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Development of Open XR platform for high immersive collaboration


Focus Areas

Open platform for XR collaboration

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XR techniques for high immersion

XR smart construction

XR silver health care



This research aims to develop an open XR collaboration platform that induces high-quality immersion and social co-presence to enhance user collaboration quality. The platform is based on Scene Graph and utilizes digital twins to manage collaborative interactions of spatial models, static/dynamic objects, sound, hand gestures, and haptic elements through functions like creation, deletion, movement, and transformation. The study focuses on developing high-quality immersive elements and enhancing social co-presence by emphasizing various technologies.


The research covers the composition and integration of 3D objects in the spatial domain, optimal alignment of scanned data and CAD models, sound reproduction techniques, application of hand gestures using reinforcement learning in a physics simulator, high-quality multi-modal haptic technology supporting wearable interfaces, avatar mesh-point cloud interaction, force-based interaction, deep learning models for 3D clothing reconstruction, adaptive spatial configuration between multiple VR clients and single AR hosts, CG avatar face and costume reconstruction with texture extraction, as well as the development of evaluation metrics and factors for enhancing social co-presence in XR.


Expected Contribution

The expected impact of this study lies in securing XR collaboration space service computing platform technology to prepare for future environmental changes in science and technology. On a national and societal level, it aims to provide immersive experiences similar to face-to-face interactions in an untact environment, resolving educational disparities and offering efficient remote collaboration environments to improve the quality of life for citizens. Moreover, by leveraging open platform technologies, XR can be introduced to various industries, contributing to the rapid growth of the XR market.